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Tapas Calientes

19. Croquetas Del Dia                                 
Breaded and deep fried vegetable, meat or seafood croquette. Ask your server for todays flavor.
20. Empanada Del Dia                                
Ever changing selection of empanadas ask your server of today’s selection.

Vegetables /Cheese
21. Champiñon de Portobello               
Marinated Portobello mushroom topped with caramelized onions, tomato sauce and Manchego cheese.
22. Berenjena Rellena                              
Grilled eggplant, rolled around herbed goat cheese.
23. Champiñones Rellenos                        
Mushroom caps filled with a blend of mushroom, spinach, garlic and Spanish cheeses.
24. Tortilla Española                                 
Traditional Spanish potato and onion omelet.
25. Patatas Bravas                                     
Fried red potatoes served with a spicy red pepper
alioli sauce
26. Queso de Cabra al Horno                
Oven baked goat cheese in a tomato basil sauce served with garlic bread
27. Alcachofas Fritas                             
Crispy fried artichoke hearts served with herbed lemon alioli. 
28. Crépe Rellena                                          
Delicate crepe filled with sautéed apples, spinach and goat cheese served over red pepper sauce 
29 Pimientos de Padron                        
Padron peppers blistered in olive oil, and then sprinkled with sea salt. Beware some might bite.
Pork / Chicken
30. Dátiles Rellenos                                  
Bacon wrapped dates with piquillo pepper sauce
31. Montaditos de Cerdo                              
Herb marinated grilled pork medallions atop caramelized red onions and seasoned croutons with lemon herb sauce
32. Chorizo Ala Plancha                            
Grilled Chorizo served with cumin mayonnaise
33. Cazuela de Pollo con Alcachofas        
Sautéed chicken breast with chorizo, peppers, mushrooms, artichoke hearts in a lemon herb sauce.
34. Pincho de Pollo Y Chorizo        

Brochettes of herb marinated chicken and chorizo  

Mas Tapas Frias

Pork / Chicken
10. Tabla Fria                                             
Variety of Spanish cheeses, cured meats and aged Serrano ham, house marinated olives, extra virgin olive oil, and sliced bread
11. Pollo Al Curry                                      
Curried chicken salad with red grapes, scallions and celery
12. Tostadas Españolas                             
Garlic toast topped with Serrano ham, Manchego cheese and Piquillo pepper drizzled with extra virgin olive oil. A True taste of Spain!!!

13. Aguacate Relleno con Gambas      
Half avocado with grilled tiger shrimp, scallions and tomato with brandy mayonnaise sauce
14. Gambas Marinadas                          
Marinated shrimp served with three dipping sauces
15. Boquerónes                                         
Traditional white Anchovies atop vine ripened tomatoes with avocado 
16. Canalon Relleno De Atún                   
Pasta rolls filled with tuna, asparagus, fresh basil caper and eggs with a creamy white wine sauce
17. Pulpo A La Vinaigrette                      
Poached octopus tossed with tomato, red onion, and cilantro sherry vinaigrette 
18. Salmon Curado De la Case              

House Cured Salmon served with sautéed brunoises vegetable and toast points with dill sour cream

49. Valenciana                                            
Chicken, shrimp, clams and mussels
50. Mariscos                                              
Shrimp, mussels, clams, scallops, calamari  

Add a lobster tail for $15

Mas Tapas Calientes

35. Gaelleta De Gambas                       
Sauté of shrimp, mushrooms, roasted red peppers in a light tomato sauce over crisp potato sticks
36. Gambas A la Plancha                       
Grilled tiger shrimp with lemon butter
37. Gambas Al Ajillo                                
Tiger shrimp sautéed in olive oil, garlic and chili
38. Calamares (Alla Plancha O Frita)  
Grilled squid with garlic, lemon and olive oil
Or Fried squid with lemon alioli
39. Salmon Al Horno                                
Baked Atlantic salmon basted with a honey mustard glaze served with Spanish rice
40. Trucha A La Navarra                          
Grilled Rainbow trout with a white wine, serrano ham, and asparagus sauce.
41. Vieras Gratinadas                              
Large sea scallops in bechamel au gratín
42. Pulpo A La Gallega                        
Galician style grilled octopus served with sea salt, olive oil, Spanish paprika, and potato 
43. Mejillones Y Chorizo                      
 Prince Edward Island Mussels with chorizo in a tomato saffron broth 
44. Tilapia a la Plancha                               
Grilled Tilapia served over sautéed vegetables with a white wine caper sauce  

Beef, Lamb Etc…
45. Albóndigas                                             
Spanish style meatballs of ground beef served in a piquant tomato sauce
46. Pipirrana De Buey                           
Grilled strips of marinated steak on a bed of potatoes and green onion, drizzled with Spanish blue cheese sauce
47. Nido De Cordero                              
Confit leg of lamb, hand pulled with fresh herb alioli sitting atop a crispy potato nest with caramelized red onions
48. Pincho De Buey A La Plancha    
Grilled beef tenderloin skewers served with crispy potatoes, caramelized onions and Horseradish Cream
49. Caracoles Alioli                             
Sautéed escargot, on garlic croutons, with tomato concase, topped with alioli sauce and baked.

47. Hortelanas                                       
Zucchini, Yellow Squash, Asparagus, Artichoke hearts
48. De Gitana                                             
Pork, chicken, chorizo and vegetables  

Add a lobster tail for $15



54. Profiteroles                                             
Twin Pastries with vanilla ice cream and house made bittersweet chocolate sauce

55. Flor De Plátano                               
Caramelized banana slices with vanilla ice cream, house made caramel and chocolate sauces and chopped pistachios

56. Pan Perdido Frutas Y Chocolate      
Spanish style banana and chocolate bread pudding with dried cranberries, served warm with vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce

57. Mousse De Platano                          
Banana mousse and Chocolate sauce served in an edible bowl
58. Crema Catalana De Chocolate       
Creamy vanilla custard with bitter sweet chocolate and caramelized sugar topping
59. Flan Del Jefe                                       
Chefs Choice feature flan of the day
60. Empanada Dulce con Manzanas    
Puffed Pastry filled with sautéed apples served over our house made caramel sauce.

Tapas Calientes

Our Menu

Paella is a saffron rice dish with ancient roots that
originated in its modern form in the mid-nineteenth Century near the Albufera lagoon in Valencia, on the East coast of Spain.

Our Paellas take 45-50 min. to cook
Priced per person- A hearty meal-sized portion for one or tapa portion for 2 or more

​​​Tapas Frias

Vegetable / Cheese

1. Patatas Con Alioli                           
Our famous robust garlic potato salad
Beware, this one’s addicting!!!   
2. Plato de Quesos Española               
An assortment of Spanish cheeses w/apples and grapes
3. Torre de Tomate Y Queo               
Vine ripened tomato, fresh mozzarella, sliced red onion topped with fresh basil vinaigrette
4. Berenjena Rellena Con Hinojo       

Grilled eggplant filled with roasted red peppers, fennel and Spanish onion, topped with goat cheese and drizzled with balsamic vinaigrette  
5. Ensalada Marinadas                       
Artichokes, roasted red and green peppers, roasted eggplant, fresh garlic in a sherry vinaigrette 
6. Pisto Manchego                                
Sautéed red and green peppers, eggplant, zucchini, yellow squash in a tomato sauce
7. Aceitunas Aliñadas                           
Marinated Spanish Olives with onions,
garlic and herbs
8. Ensalada de Quinoa                          
Baby arugula and spinach with craisins, candied pecans, apples and quinoa with honey mustard vinaigrette 
9. Ensalada Remolacha                       
Beet salad with Manchego cheese, red onions and fresh basil in red wine vinaigrette