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Cold Tapas


(1)  Patatas Alioli       (GF)                                                       7.00

Our famous robust garlic potato salad

(2)  Aceitunas Aliñadas   (GF)                                              7.00 

House marinated Spanish olives with onion, garlic and herbs

(3)  Ensalada Remolacha     (GF)                                         7.50 

Beet salad with onions & basil in vinaigrette topped with Manchego cheese
(4) Tomate Y Queso con Aceitunas (GF)             8.50

Sliced tomato & fresh mozzarella topped with black olive and red pepper relish


(5) Plato De Jamon Y Queso Manchego            17.00

Sliced Serrano ham and Manchego cheese with tomato bread


(6) Tostadas Españolas                                           8.00

Toast points with Serrano Ham, Manchego Cheese and Piquillo peppers

(7) Boquerones                                                        10.00

Traditional marinated white anchovies atop sliced tomato with avocado

(8) Pollo al Curry                                                      9.00

Curried chicken salad with red grapes, clery, and green onion. 

Hot Tapas

(9) Berenjena Rellena    (GF)                                 9.50

Grilled eggplant rolled around herbed goat cheese in tomato basil sauce

(10) Patatas Bravas         (GF)                                 7.00

Fried red potatoes served with a spicy red pepper Alioli sauce

(11) Queso de Cabra al Horno                               9.00

Oven Baked goat cheese in tomato basil sauce served with garlic bread


(12) Alcachofas Fritas      (GF)                                9.00

Crispy fried artichoke hearts served with lemon Alioli                                                        


(13) Coquetas de Polo Y Jamon                            8.50

Lightly breaded chicken and ham croquets w/ tomato basil sauce


(14) Dátiles Rellenos              (GF)                          8.50

Bacon wrapped dates with piquillo pepper sauce


(15) Pincho de Pollo   (GF)                                      10.00     

Brochettes of herb marinated chicken with cumin mayo and rice

(16) Empanada de Buey                                          8.50         

Beef empanada, served with tomato basil sauce and horseradish cream



(17) Calamares A la Plancha    (GF)                     10.00

Grilled squid with lemon garlic olive oil


(18) Chuletas De Cordero     (GF)                         16.00 

Grilled lamb chops served over quinoa with rosemary sauce   


(19) Gambas A la Plancha    (GF)                           9.00

Grilled tiger shrimp with lemon butter


(20) Gambas Al Ajillo     (GF)                                   9.00

Tiger shrimp sautéed in olive oil, garlic and chili


(21) Salmon Al Horno      (GF)                                 14.00

Baked Atlantic salmon with a honey mustard glaze served with Spanish rice

(22) Pincho Solomillo     (GF)                                  10.00

Grilled beef tenderloin skewers, crispy potatoes, caramelized onions with horseradish cream

(23) Albondigas                                                           8.00

Spanish style meatballs of ground beef served in a piquant tomato sauce

(24) Nido de Cordero                                                 12.50

Confit leg of lamb, with fresh herb Aioli sitting atop a crispy potato nest with caramelized red onions

(25) Pulpo A La Galega                                              11.00

Galician style grilled octopus served over potato with live oil and Spanish paprika

(26) Champinones Rellenos                                    8.50

Mushroom caps filled with a blend of mushrooms, spinach, garlic and Spanish cheese

(27) Crepe Relleno                                                     9.00

Delicate crepe filled with sauteed  apples, spinach and goat cheese, served over red pepper sauce

(28) Chorizo a la Plancha                                         7.50

Grilled Spanish Chorizo served with Cumin mayonnaise and lemon

(29) Pasta con Espinicas                                           9.00

Penne Pasta with Sauteed baby spinach, asparagus and red peppers in a tomato goat cheese sauce


Paella (GF)

Small for 1-2 people Large For 2-4 people

(30-31) Hortelanas                                  19.00     37.00

Zucchini, yellow squash, asparagus, artichoke hearts,



(32-33) De Gitana                                      23.00     45.00

Pork, chicken, chorizo, vegetables


(34-35) Valenciana                                    26.00     50.00

Chicken, shrimp, clams, mussels


(36-37) Mariscos                                        30.00     60.00

Shrimp, clams, mussels, calamari, scallops

Desserts 7.5

(38) Flan al Caramello

Traditional Spanish Caramel Custard

(39) Crema Catalana

Creamy vanilla custard with bittersweet chocolate chunks and caramelized sugar topping

Alcoholic Beverages


Sangria - 8.00

20 oz with fresh chopped fruit

Red – White


Bottled Beer - 7.00

Estrella Galicia

1906 Reserva Especial

Lagunitas Pils


Bottled Wine


2017 Carchello C - 40

Carlos Serres Old Vines - 30

Carlos Serres Reserva - 44

Montana - 45



2017 - Pilota - 45

Can Feixes - 42

Principe Chardonnay - 35

Godello - 50